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Vlog #2

Our Video Production About Cyberbullying [PART 3] | THE END

Unfortunately, we’ve somehow lost all of our footage from our first meeting. We didn’t find a way to get it back, so we had to reshoot. We could have use the material that we already had edited on youtube, but… Continue Reading →

Our Video Production About Cyberbullying [PART 2]

Even though we have managed to produce a vox pop, we still did not gave up on the video production idea. We met on Thursday to fisnish what we have started. On our last meeting, we ended up on a… Continue Reading →

Mental Health Day on our campus

Today, instead of going on the social media class like on every other week, we went to the Hugh Aston Building to take part in the Mental Health Day event. We were talking with people about what they are doing… Continue Reading →


Today I met with Jeffrey as we have planned. We managed to record everything we needed in no more than 2 hours. It turned out to be much easier than we thought, but at the beginning it was very stressful… Continue Reading →


Recently I was thinking a lot about that ‘audio only’ vox pop idea and I have decided that there is no point of doing the same thing over again, when I have a possibility to challenge myself and do it… Continue Reading →

Problems with our project | Another idea

Today’s blog title was supposed to be “Our Video Production about cyberbullying [Part 2]”. I thought that we are gonna meet each other after class (like a week ago) and continue our video project. Unfortunately, we couldn’t do that, because… Continue Reading →

Our Video Production About Cyberbullying [PART 1]

We have finally met together with Karolina, Jeffrey and Stijn to begin working on our group video project about cyberbullying. The idea was to make a series of videos that will raise awareness about this subject. Each video is supposed to be about… Continue Reading →

Another suicide caused by Cyberbullying!

Recently, another girl committed suicide because of the cyberbullying. On January the 3rd, Amy Everett, widely known as ‘Dolly’, the face of many Akubra hat commercials was found dead. She killed herself at the age of 14 after relentless online… Continue Reading →

Sarahah – A new tool for Cyberbullies

This new social media app called Sarahah (which means ‘honesty’ in Arabic) was created by Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq. Here is the link to his twitter account: ZainAlabdin Tawfiq His app released in 2016 but it gained the most popularity in a… Continue Reading →

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